16 | de 2017

In the previous post, the TM4 new positioning was the subject. But if you do not know the agency or do not know very well what we do, let's talk a little more about it.


We are a communication agency focused on the fashion market. Our job is to make your brand communicate in a efficiently way. Whether online or offline, we develop branding strategies to help create brands with their own identity and voice.



VSTM brand’s first campaign, clicked on Los Angeles. Brand and planning were developed by TM4 to meet customer needs.



With our knowledge of the fashion market, digital thinking, campaigns and convergent strategies, we help our clients achieve better results and build more relevant brands. We work in an integrated way with a 360 ° concept that ensures that all your points of contact, including the trade, are activated.
A campaign is incredible, but it's just one of the steps. We immerse ourselves in our client’s universe to create and analyze growth opportunities with a focus on planning and, of course, always thinking about the brand concept.
Newspaper developed exclusively for Johnny Fox with the objective of presenting the brand profile for trade and customers.
From research to branding, from planning to production, from the generation of digital content to printed materials. There are many essential steps and tools to make and maintain a relevant brand in the market. So over time we will talk more about each one of our products.
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