08 | de 2017

In addition to creating campaign concepts that stimulate the final public and the trade, we develop with our clients' commercial and marketing teams customized strategies that aim to improve sales results and brand image.


Email marketing, training videos, WhatsApp actions, sales catalogs, magazines and trend book are some of our specialties. Our content intelligence enhances the sales team's arguments through a didactic and focused language, transforming employees into brand ambassadors.



Guia + Mais, developed for trade, presenting the new collection, materials of publicity and trends, connecting the representatives to the shopkeepers.



We make the representative become multichannel. That is, he has different ways to communicate, sell, show the product and create a great relationship with the shopkeeper.


We plan communication (on and off line), aiming to boost sales and strengthen the image of the product and the brand throughout the season with special actions and promotions.


Fashion Guide, trade material created for Vestem.



We know the importance of all stakeholder contact points. Therefore, we think of actions directed towards each one of them. We seek the best results coupled with intelligent strategies.


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